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Birthday Presents

What's in a box?

Boost Bag

A durable Boost branded book bag, containing stationary including pencil, eraser and colouring pencils.  

Boost Workbook

A book containing daily activities designed to support your child to 'top-up' their existing skills and practice new ones. 

Booster's Guide

We've given your child hints and tips to help them if they get stuck and Stretch and Challenge activities for when they need something more tricky!

Parent's Guide

While you should encourage your chid to attempt the activities alone, we've given you the answers so you're able to help your child check their work. 

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How does it work?

Using our subscription service, you'll receive learning activities for your child, straight to your doorstep, every month. Your first Boost Box contains all the tools your child will need to take part in the Boost Box activities.


In the Starter Boost, you receive:

  • A pencil, eraser, sharpener and set of colouring pencils

  • Boost Bag 

  • Parent's Boost Welcome Pack

  • Parent's Guide

  • Booster's Guide

  • Boost Workbook 

  • Access to Boost+

You'll then receive a monthly box that will contain the following:

  • Parent's Guide

  • Booster's Guide

  • Boost Workbook

  • Access to Boost+

Subscribers also receive regular stationary top-ups to support their child.

Payment options

Want to be a part of it? We have a number of payment options to suit different needs!  

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