Back to school hints and tips!

As we return back to home learning today we may be feel reluctant and de-motivated, with Boris making an announcement later today there is high hope that children will be returning to school. Although some people may not like the idea of this as long as you and the school are following the appropriate rules and guidance this should keep everyone safe in the best way possible.

Below are some hints and tips to keep you going through your home-learning journey:

Stay patient!

It is still a hard challenging time, it has been nearly a year of our lives turned upside down, your child will eventually catch up with their work but for now we are all trying our best to keep on top of everything.

Incorporate learning in other ways:

You can check out previous blog posts with hints, tips and ideas of how to introduce learning without sitting in front of a laptop or with a worksheet.

We have to be creative and engage our children in learning even if it is through short activities such as word search's and quizzes.

Take a break:

We say this a lot but seriously take your time have regular breaks, it is good for your mental health and just to re-charge and energise.

Read a book or watch a movie:

Indulging into something new or an old time favourite movie and asking your child about what they have read/learned is a form of learning! You can write them a list of questions, this is an excellent way to keep them even more engaged.

Hopefully we can have some good news very soon and return back to normality! Have a lovely week everyone. Mica x

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