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Hi all and Happy Foodie Friday. My name is Jabz, I am most known as ‘Jabz Abs’, I am a personal trainer based in Nottingham. I started personal training because I have always had a passion for sports, my father was a professional athlete as well as other relatives who have competed at high levels. I have always been good at sports too, but my passion lies in helping people, so I decided to do merge the two things together.

Personal training is more than lifting weights, I make sure not only the body is right on track but also the mind and soul. I do get the odd clients who come to me and just want to vent about their day and due to the energy that I put out they feel comfortable telling me personal things whilst we train. Some may vent by taking up boxing which is not only good for fitness but also stress relief, coordination and discipline. Whereas others may prefer to stick to the program but have a gossip alongside doing the weights with me giving words of encouragement.

During the first lockdown I took it upon myself to host free online classes. Although I was not making any money from this and I had been furloughed from my job, this brought me new opportunities as I gained over 1500 new followers across all social media platforms, I was invited for TV interviews and I have been offered modelling work. It also allowed me to network with similar people who are more advanced in their career which has also opened multiple doors of opportunity for myself once lockdown is over.

Lockdown for the third time round has me feeling slightly demotivated with weather not being as good as it was in the first lockdown especially when we know gyms can manage being open, however I try to stay positive by thinking for the future and the goals I have set for the next chapter once lockdown has come to an end.

I have provided some abs exercises below which are suitable for all, will strengthen your core, improve posture are fun and of course help you get Jabz Abs (All exercises can be found on my You Tube channel).

40seconds on / 20 seconds rest

Reverse crunches Bicycle crunches Mountain climbers Flutter kicks Side planks Opposite side plank Plank

I have been vegan for 3 years and it has changed my outlook on food, it was hard to convert at first but it has made me more disciplined and I have become more creative when making meals to fit around my dietary requirements. I have provided a few of my favourite recipes which you can recreate for yourselves and your family 😊

Sweet chilli tofu with fried rice

Ingredients: basmati rice, sweet chilli sauce, sweet pepper, red onion, garlic, tofu, cornflower, olive/coconut oil, spring onion, green beans, soy sauce

Cooking time: 30mins (excluding pressed tofu time)

Serves: 4


· Drain and press the tofu until it’s as dry as you can get it

· Chop the pressed tofu into cubes, then pour 4 tblsp of cornflower into a zip lock bag with 8-12 pieces of tofu at a time and shake to coat

· Heat a pan of oil to a medium temperature, then proceed to place the coated tofu into the pan. Cook until golden crisp stirring occasionally, then place onto a separate plate. Keep repeating the method until all tofu pieces are cooked golden and crispy.

· Cook your rice until it’s fluffy and soft, then add chopped spring onion and mix.

· (If you want fried rice follow this step, if not ignore) have a separate wok on the go with a tbsp of oil and fry ¼ of an onion for 2 mins. Add green beans to the wok until they become soft on a medium to low heat. You can then add the cooked rice and mix it well together. 1 cap of soy sauce is then added until it’s blended well together and then turn you heat off.

· Have all veg (pepper, onion) washed and chopped (excluding the green beans keep them whole), then fry in a pan at low to medium heat until the veg starts to sizzle.

· Add all of the tofu pieces into the pan. Immediately add the sweet chilli sauce ensuring it glazes over all the tofu pieces. Leave this to cook for no longer than 5 minutes.

· Serve out the rice with sweet chilli tofu and enjoy!

Chickpea curry with sweet potato

Ingredients: 2 cans chickpeas, 3 sweet potato, baby tomatoes, 1 sweet pepper, ½ onion, 1 garlic, 200ml coconut milk, 1 tbsp oil for cooking. Extras: mango, plantain, spinach, rice, quinoa

Seasonings: cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, curry powder, hot chilli powder

Cooking time total: 30 – 40 mins

Serves: 4


· Chop onion, pepper and garlic and place into a frying pan with a 1tbsp oil. Once the veg starts to sizzle chop the baby tomatoes into edible sizes and add to the pan. You can then add the washed and drained chickpeas into the pan.

· Stir the sauce then proceed to add seasoning one after another to your own taste. Use slightly more of the curry powder seasoning than the rest as this is what gives it the main flavour. Once all seasoning has been added and mixed, stir in 200ml of coconut milk and leave to simmer on a low heat.

· Whilst the curry flavours are mixing, wash, peel and chop the sweet potato then add to the curry. Place a lid over the pan and leave to simmer whilst checking it every so often.

· The last thing you would do is add the extras, I would recommend only using 1 of the options I have suggested above. Spinach is the quickest and nutritious so if it’s your first time begin with that.

· Once the extras have cooked through, serve and enjoy!

Follow me on my social media pages to follow my fitness journey, I hope I can motivate and help you one day! Have a great weekend everyone.

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