Foodie Friday with Queen Candy

Hi All and Happy foodie Friday..My Name is Queen Candy (Donna Stevie ward ) I Started my Business CandyAppleCouture in 2015 After having an idea of making Candy Apples just like the fair available all year round! And just like that CandyappleCouture was Born!! I Started by giving my family and friends some to try and before I knew it I had So many orders and customers and my business literally took off! I had BBC Nottingham Radio station and newspapers and magazines wanting to cover my story of a single mum stuck on benefits who decided to start her own business. And then my little business started to get noticed by many celebrities and I soon became so busy I couldn't believe this was happening!! And I would receive messeges from women all over the county Telling me how much my story had Inspired them and that they now had opened a business because of me and to me that has been the most rewarding thing to me since I opened my business!!☺️😊

This lockdown has not disheartened me! It has made me work even harder and focus and to know where I am heading and the next step for CandyAppleCouture! I think Boost is An Amazing idea and So helpful for family's and children it's of the upmost importants our children's minds continue to grow and expand to knowledge and Boost is doing this perfectly well Done Guys I salute you 😊

Here is a recipe for 'Oreo Popcorn' You will need: Popcorn Pack Oreos Greaseproof baking paper 2 bars large Chocolate 1.Empty the popcorn into a large Bowl 2.Melt both Chocolate Bars and then pour contents over the popcorn In the bowl 3. Carefully smash and crush the Oreos and pour into the bowl with the popcorn and chocolate 4.Now stir all together carefully making sure everything is well mixed together ☺️ 5.then empty popcorn onto a flat tray on the greaseproof paper and spread out over tray you can add more crushed Oreo and this point sprinkled over and then put it in the fridge for 20 - 30 mins to set and then you can break it down into pieces and fill in bags to give to your friends or empty all into a bowl and have a movie night with you're family 😚😊

☺️OREO POPCORN why don't you try it !! Love Queen Candy x

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