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Hi all and Happy Foodie Friday. My name is Candice and I am the founder of Candecia’s Kitchen. I started Candecia’s Kitchen in July 2020 during the first lockdown. Cooking has always been a passion of mine from young when I used to cook alongside my Nan in the kitchen. I love to experiment with different flavours and try out new foods. For me cooking is therapeutic and seeing the faces of those who try my food and enjoy it, warms my heart.

Lockdown for the third time round has me feeling Fed up from time to time however I try to stay positive by being optimistic and grateful. I think Boost is a great initiative as home-schooling is challenging and having a parent guide to help you as you support your child’s learning is so useful! I have provided some recipes below which are family friendly and can be fun and tasty for all involved. Follow me on my social media pages to follow my cooking journey - 'Candecias_kitchen'

Potato & Chickpea Curry served with Spinach/callaloo riceIngredients: (dependent on family size) 3 medium potatoes diced Can of chickpeas Onions Spinach/callaloo Seasonings- curry, garlic, pepper, chill (optional), turmeric, salt and cumin. 1tsp of each. Coconut milk Rice of your choosing

Method: 1. Boil your rice whilst adding butter and a touch of salt. Once this has cooked through put to one side.

2. In a pot of your choice,add some diced onions and your potatoes season with the seasonings above and bring to the boil.

3. Once potatoes have been cooking for around 15/20mins or have started to become tender add in your chickpeas and coconut mill and continue to cook on a low heat for a further 10/15mins.

4. With the last 5mins before the curry is ready add in your spinach/callaloo and let this wilt.

5. Roughly chop some spinach or use the callaloo straight from the can and mix into your rice.

6. Plate and serve your curry with your rice.

This recipe can be adapted to suit you removing or adding in additional ingredients.

Chicken Kebabs Ingredients: Diced Chicken Breast Skewers Mixed Peppers Onions Seasonings- pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, all purpose, chicken seasoning. (1 tbsp of each) Double Cream Method: 1. After washing your chicken in lemon and vinegar, season with the above, adding the 1/4 of double cream last and leave to marinate overnight or for at least 1 hour in the fridge.

2. Soak skewers in water for at least 30mins before cooking, to prevent them from burning when in the oven.

3. Thread chicken, onion and peppers onto skewer and place on a baking tray and pop into the oven for 30/40mins turning over in between.

4. Be sure to make sure that the chicken has browned whilst in the oven and appears slightly charred.

5. Once cooked serve with sides of your choice.

Kebabs are quick and easy for a evening meal, fun for the children to make themselves and very versatile. This recipe can be adapted to add more or less vegetables or even using different meats.

I hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend xxx

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