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Hey my lovelies! My name is Ella and I’m a Secondary Teacher and Food Blogger. I run a food blog called @cookwithella on Instagram. Like many of us right now, I’m finding lots of ways to stay positive and stress free during the pandemic. I find working out what I love doing and doing that is working wonderfully so far. So let’s talk about cooking! I absolutely LOVE cooking; it gives me a real sense of peace and fulfilment.

The love of cooking has been passed down generations in my family; my late grandma had 10 children to feed and (maybe as a result of that) became known in the community for her formidable culinary skills. My Dad always pays homage to my grandma for his amazing ability in the kitchen. Some decades later, I would say it could’ve been my Dad dragging me along to his street food events selling juicy jerk chicken that ignited a passion for cooking that never left!

I started @cookwithella almost three years ago shortly after I had my youngest daughter to motivate myself to eat healthily and to inspire others to eat well-seasoned, delicious, nutritional food!

This year I made the decision to share the love during Lockdown and provide a delivery service Friday - Saturday with an alternating menu of some of my favourite dishes. Needless to say, providing people with a contactless delivery of tasty food has been a great opportunity to stay busy and make people smile!

It’s extremely important to stay active and motivated during lockdown particularly. That’s why I believe My Boost Box is SUCH a beneficial tool that enables children and parents to stay in the loop with all the added demands that home-schooling brings. As a teacher, I can assure you that My Boost Box goes above and beyond what is needed to keep young minds active!

Here is a quick and easy recipe that you might want to try with your kids to keep their bellies full and smiles smiling!

For tasty recipe ideas follow: @cookwithella on Instagram!

Three Cheese Macaroni:


200g Red Leicester cheese

200g Cheddar cheese

100g Mozzarella cheese

100g Butter

2 cups Full fat Milk

2 tablespoons Plain flour

500g Macaroni

Finely chopped garlic



All purpose seasoning


1. Bring 500g macaroni to the boil with a pinch of salt

2. Melt butter and garlic together, once all butter has melted add flour to create a paste like substance

3. Season paste with pepper, salt and all purpose seasoning

4. Slowly stir in milk; this is where you need to be patient - stir until it thickens!

5. Drain pasta, season with salt and all purpose and set aside in pot

6. Once macaroni sauce is thick, add half of each cheese and stir until gooey - yum!

7. Combine macaroni cheese with sauce and place in large pasta dish

8. Layer remaining cheese on top and bake in oven for about 20 minutes on 160-180 degrees.

9. Enjoy!

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