Looking after your child's mental health

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My name is Colin Newton and I have been an Educational Psychologist for 36 years. For the last 20 years I have been co-founder and director of Inclusive Solutions. 'Inclusive Solutions' are a team of psychologists and associates who specialise in mainstream inclusion for disabled and challenging children and adults. We make available cutting-edge practical strategies and ideas for developing effective inclusion in local mainstream schools and communities. We use ideas that have been developed internationally and adapt them to the UK context. We work with anyone who wants to bring about the real systems changes that are necessary to move towards a truly inclusive society. Check out the range and quality of our work at http://www.inclusive-solutions.com

The last 10 months has been a whirlwind to say the least, we have had to ditch our daily routines and adapt the way we live. In a flash our little ones have gone from playing on the playground, learning in a full classroom and seeing their family members & friends to suddenly following the social distancing rules and restrictions from life as they know it.

Looking after your child's mental health

Here are a few ideas you can take to look after your child's mental health and support their emotional needs:

· Stay positive with them – however much you want to complain or moan at them – that means praise – 4 positives to each negative you communicate to them

· Encourage them – you know what brings out the best in them

· Try and respect, nurture and even join in with them in their interests and passions

· Little and often when doing schoolwork with them – do not get into any battles – stay calm and keep breathing!

· Model positive behaviour as your children are always watching you whatever their age… be the change you want to see in them

· Interrupt negative self-talk or damaging self-abusive behaviours - turn negatives into reframed positive language

· Listen, listen, listen…

· Play and have real fun with them, make the time…

· Love them openly in words and actions

To hear more about how to support join in our webinars this week – se below, sign up to our online school https://inclusive-solutions-school.teachable.com/courses or peruse our website for ideas https://inclusive-solutions.com or simply follow our social media posts – see below.

WEBINAR WORKSHOPS – Timing: Each session runs from 11am-12pm

Cost: Pay what you can afford

New Covid-19 inspired series delivered by psychologists Colin and Elliot Newton and Derek Wilson using the Zoom platform. We want to directly support and inform parents and carers and so indirectly benefit the children and young people with the greatest needs. Parenting is hard enough but supporting learning, hope and self-image in these times has never been harder! Please share with anyone who might benefit.

The webinars are focused on trying to parent, encourage, support and include children and young people at this difficult time. Engage and learn in the comfort of your own setting as we explore a range of challenges. The content of the sessions will aim to allow safe sharing of experiences, provide fresh insights as well as practical strategies. The sessions will be very easy to understand and will share wisdom of those present as well as provide some guiding ideas.

Unable to make the time and date? You can access a replay if you enrol below – we will send a link by email.

Please see the dates below:


19th – Principles for supporting your own child’s learning at home during Lockdown

20th – Ideas for interrupting the isolation of children and young people in lockdown

25th – Race and Friendship – How to be a better friend

26th – Maintaining hope and positivity for your child or young person in Lockdown

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