Step 2 out of lockdown, what can and can't we do?

It is officially April 12th, that means we are on step 2 of the roadmap out of lockdown, it has been a long and lengthy process (to say the least).

With it being half term and the majority of facilities opening back up how can we keep ourselves and our children safe?

No doubt your probably eager to take the little ones out but we must ensure we still keep one another safe to stop the spread of Covid-19 and resume back to reality.

What is open as of today?

  • Gym and indoor leisure centres.

  • The rule of 6 outdoors continues but no mixing indoors.

  • Outdoor attractions such as zoos, theme arks and drive in cinemas can open.

  • Eating outdoors will be permitted.

  • Non-essential shops to reopen.

  • Person care premises to resume business.

  • Libraries and community centres to open.

  • Household over night stays permitted.

  • Indoor children’s activities resume.

If you are feeling a bit skeptical you should follow these handy tips we have put together to ensure you can both have a good time whilst adhering to the guidelines:

Carry a pocket bottle of hand santiser and sanitise regularly

Wear a mask when in public places

Keep your 2m distance

If you see anything that goes against the guidelines report this to a manager or in extreme circumstances the police

Do not forget your local coffee shops, retailers and beauty establishments, now is the time more than ever to support small businesses, we need to uplift one another and show solidarity as we come out of the other side!

Last but not least, enjoy a bit of freedom, it has been a long time coming, we deserve to let our hair down and have some genuine enjoyment. I look forward to seeing your posts of what you all get up to :-)

Happy Monday and have a lovely week. Chantae from the Boost Team xxx

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