What to do during half term?

Another dreaded Monday is upon us, but, today is slightly different (to say the least!) no more battling with the computer and your child to engage in home-schooling. No more juggling between working and teaching, this is a good time to rest! I know it may be hard because there is always something we can be doing - but let's just give ourselves a pat on the back. It's been hard to say the least!

Take some time out and have some fun this half term, I know we are extremely limited on what we can do but for the last 11 months we have had to think outside of the box so lets do the same this time round.

Here is a list of things we can do to spend quality time with our loved ones whilst having some fun in the process!

Rearrange their bedroom - Donate unwanted clothes/toys to charity

Try different foods whilst blindfolded

Themed dinner night - i.e. American diner (burgers, hot dogs, milkshakes)

Wake up extra early to see the sunrise - take pics to remember

Treasure hunt around the house and garden

YouTube exercises - perfect for the whole family

Baking - check out the recipes on our other blog posts!

Learn a new skill

Create some artwork

Board games

More importantly, now is a time to reset our minds and bodies, there is also nothing wrong with a duvet and movie day!

We have all done so well so far, let us take this time to slow down and prepare for when we have to return to our temporary but hopefully not ever new normal.

Have a lovely week whatever you decide to do. Mica x

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